Langosta al Estilo Puerto Nuevo (Lobster Puerto Nuevo Style)

Yesterday we had a day trip to Tijuana and surroundings, we had a lovely time with my brother and his family.

We made a stop in Puerto Nuevo, a little town just after Rosarito Beach, Baja California, it is known as the “lobster village” and now I know why, when you get  into the town almost everybody has a restaurant and serve lobster.

When we went, the town was very quiet, it was a Tuesday evening, but I have been told that during the weekend it gets full up with people trying to taste the speciality of the town, specially during these nice hot summer days.

Anyway, I went into a restaurant called “Ortegas” and talked to the friendly Chef José Antonio Hernández, who is also a composer, he told me how the lobster Puerto Nuevo style is done and served. “Ortegas” Restaurant is like an institution in Puerto Nuevo, it has a very Mexican and inviting decor.

The kitchen is open plan, so you can see how they prepare your food and it also has its own Mexican bakery and a little stand to make homemade flour and corn tortillas.

Chef José Antonio explained me that the secret for Puerto Nuevo’s lobster dish is the freshness of its product, because you literally have your lobster from the sea to your plate.

He also described the traditional way to serve Puerto Nuevo Lobster with refried beans, red rice and homemade flour tortillas. Then you just have to open the flour tortilla, put some lobster meat, refried beans, rice and spicy salsa and eat it.

We had a lovely time and the food and service were very good, I loved the passion of how the chef talked about the lobsters he cooks, just like any other Mexican, because we love to talk about our food, it make us feel very proud.

Serves 1

Prep 10 min

Cook 15 min


  • 1 Lobster cut in half, washed and cleaned
  • Rapeseed oil and lard enough to cover the lobster
  • Salt and pepper to taste

To serve


  1. To cook the lobster they use a very simple method but it helps the lobster maintain its colour and flavour. Heat the oil and lard together in a fryer or a casserole dish big enough to put the lobster. The oil hast to be very hot.
  2. Add salt and pepper to taste to the lobster and when the oil is very hot, introduce the lobster and fry for 3 min.
  3. Serve with refried beans, rice an flour tortillas.


  • Use only oil if you don’t want to use lard. Rapeseed or sunflower oil is fine.



Sopa de Fideos con Maíz (Vermicelli Pasta Soup with Sweetcorn)

Here’s the thing! Today I was so busy that first I didn’t have time to cook a long and time consuming dish and second my fridge looked like the Vizcaino desert in Baja, so I decided not to complicate my existence and cook something easy but nice and healthy and when I find myself in those type of situations I always recurred to one of my mum’s recipes that I have very close to my heart.

Well it is not really my mum’s recipe, I think all the mums in Mexico know this recipe, I guess because is easy to do, tasty, healthy and children love it. Anyway, my mum used and still make it for us and she is the queen of sopa de fideos or at least that is what she says.

What I like about this dish is that is very flexible! Mmm! I wonder if somebody have used such a word to describe a recipe, maybe I’m the first person, but what I mean is that you can add as many vegetables as you want. In Mexico, for example, is very popular to have this soup with chopped courgettes, carrots, potatoes and shredded chicken, so it is up to you; be creative and make it your own by adding other ingredients, then you can show off to your friends and family your chef skills and say that you make a sopa de fideos Mexican style with your own touch! Sounds good, right!

Anyway, for this recipe I used the left over tomato salsa I made yesterday, the recipe is on my blog, and some other bits and bobs I found in my poor deserted fridge.

If you decided to give it a try, I really hope you like it and start to cook it for your children and maybe when they grow up they might, like me, think about this recipe as a happy childhood memory and then they will always have a happy Mexican food memory that will pass through generations just like my grandma, my mum, me and my daughter.

Serves 4

Prep 10 min

Cook 20 min approx


  • 5 vermicelli nests crumbles into tiny pieces
  • Half an onion finely chopped
  • 1 small clove garlic peeled
  • 1 organic chicken stock cube
  • 1 pint of tomato salsa (see recipe on blog)
  • Boiled Water
  • 2 tbsp organic rapeseed oil
  • 1 cup frozen sweetcorn

To serve

  • Thin avocado slices
  • Chopped coriander
  • Feta or queso fresco
  • Lime (optional)
  • Sour cream (optional)


 Put the oil to medium heat in a casserole dish, add the onions and sauté for 3 min then add the vermicelli nests and fried until the pasta is slightly brown.

Then add the tomato salsa, water and the organic chicken stock cube and let it cool for 10 min, stir occasionally then add the frozen sweetcorn and cook for 5 more min, be careful not to let the liquid to be soak by the pasta, if that happens just add more water.

Taste for salt and if it needs more add at this time. Turn the heating off when the pasta is cook.


  • If you think it lacks of flavour you can add a little tomato paste.



Tacos Dorados de Pollo con Salsa de Jitomate (Chicken Fried Tacos with Tomato Salsa)

In México there is a dilemma about how is a tortilla filled with something, rolled and fried is call, some people call them “flautas” (flutes) others call them “tacos dorados” (fried tacos). I believe the name comes depending on how you make them, for me a flauta is roll very tight and thin, while tacos dorados are more chunky. Whatever the real name, the truth is that they taste divine. Continue reading “Tacos Dorados de Pollo con Salsa de Jitomate (Chicken Fried Tacos with Tomato Salsa)”

Ceviche de Pescado Estilo Sinaloa (Fish Ceviche Sinaloa Style)

The region where I am from in Mexico is on the Pacific, Baja California, which I think has the best climate in Mexico, we get the breeze from the sea and also the heat from the mountains, but in the summer sometimes gets too hot so at my mum’s we usually cook something refreshing in those summer hot days and ceviche ticks all the important points! Continue reading “Ceviche de Pescado Estilo Sinaloa (Fish Ceviche Sinaloa Style)”

Tacos de Jamaica (Hibiscus Tacos)

Yes, you are reading right! Tacos de Jamaica. When I first heard of them, I thought, errr!! Not for me! The whole idea of eating hibiscus flowers that had been soaked in water, didn’t make me excited, but I kept looking in the internet people cooking them and saying wonderful things about it and because I am a very inquisitive person and also I like to try new things I decided to give them a try. Continue reading “Tacos de Jamaica (Hibiscus Tacos)”

Pescado Pacífico (Pan Fried Haddock Pacific Style)

The best recipes are the ones that are past through generations like this one that I found in one of my diaries written by my father many years ago. Had a brilliant day today talking to a very nice fellow Ensenadense about food, childhood memories and projects, so looking through one of my diaries I saw this recipe and I decided to do it. Continue reading “Pescado Pacífico (Pan Fried Haddock Pacific Style)”