Lets Cook Mexican

Month: July 2015

Langosta al Estilo Puerto Nuevo (Lobster Puerto Nuevo Style)

Yesterday we had a day trip to Tijuana and surroundings, we had a lovely time with my brother and his family. We made a stop in Puerto Nuevo, a little town just after Rosarito Beach, Baja California, it is known as the “lobster village” and […]

Aguachile de Pulpo y Camarón (Octopus and Prawn Aguachile)

I feel very proud and grateful to be able to share this dish with you, as I mentioned on the picture that I posted on Instagram, this Aguchile was made by my brother-in-law, José María, who is from Sinaloa and is married to my sister […]

Sopa de Fideos con Maíz (Vermicelli Pasta Soup with Sweetcorn)

Sopa de Fideos con Maíz (Vermicelli Pasta Soup with Sweetcorn)

Here’s the thing! Today I was so busy that first I didn’t have time to cook a long and time consuming dish and second my fridge looked like the Vizcaino desert in Baja, so I decided not to complicate my existence and cook something easy […]

Salsa Básica de Jitomate (Basic Tomato Salsa)

Salsa Básica de Jitomate (Basic Tomato Salsa)

Today I decided to make this recipe because I don’t have much in the fridge as we are flying to Mexico in two days and also I was very tired to got myself cooking something very elaborated.

Tacos Dorados de Pollo con Salsa de Jitomate (Chicken Fried Tacos with Tomato Salsa)

In México there is a dilemma about how is a tortilla filled with something, rolled and fried is call, some people call them “flautas” (flutes) others call them “tacos dorados” (fried tacos). I believe the name comes depending on how you make them, for me […]

Ceviche de Pescado Estilo Sinaloa (Fish Ceviche Sinaloa Style)

Ceviche de Pescado Estilo Sinaloa (Fish Ceviche Sinaloa Style)

  The region where I am from in Mexico is on the Pacific, Baja California, which I think has the best climate in Mexico, we get the breeze from the sea and also the heat from the mountains, but in the summer sometimes gets too […]

Agua Fresca de Jamaica (Hibiscus Fresh Water)

One of the things I miss from Mexico is the easy way to get something delicious wherever you go, this is the example of aguas frescas, you get them everywhere and there is a wide variety of them, from hibiscus to rice water, it is […]

Tacos de Jamaica (Hibiscus Tacos)

Yes, you are reading right! Tacos de Jamaica. When I first heard of them, I thought, errr!! Not for me! The whole idea of eating hibiscus flowers that had been soaked in water, didn’t make me excited, but I kept looking in the internet people […]

Chilaquiles Verdes (Green Chilaquiles)

One of the most iconic Mexican breakfast dishes, Chilaquiles, they are packed of flavour and aparently very popular with people with hangovers, specially if they are spicy.

Pescado Pacífico (Pan Fried Haddock Pacific Style)

The best recipes are the ones that are past through generations like this one that I found in one of my diaries written by my father many years ago. Had a brilliant day today talking to a very nice fellow Ensenadense about food, childhood memories […]