Lets Cook Mexican

Month: October 2015

Tostadas Horneadas (Oven Bake Tostadas)

  This is a very simple, basic, healthy and easy way to make tostadas. In México Tostadas are very popular, you can put many types of toppings. My favourite toppings are seafood and fish. Every tostada starts as a tortilla, maize tortilla, then this tortilla […]

Ceviche de Coliflor (Cauliflower Ceviche)

One of my good friend I made through Instagram, Eloísa, once put a pic of this ceviche in her IG gallery and it looked very yummy and interesting! So today I decided to give the recipe a go and I did it.

Pan de Muerto (Bread of the Dead)

El Día de los Muertos, Day of the Dead, is a famous Mexican celebration full of traditions that have been in our culture since pre-columbian times.

Tortitas Mexicanas de Espinacas Capeadas (Mexican Spinach Patties Coated in Egg)

In Mexico “capear” or coat something in egg is very popular, we use this technique with a lot of vegetables, there is even a very famous dish, “Chiles en Nogada” that, traditionally, the poblano peppers are coated in egg first and then cover with a […]

Tostadas hechas en el Horno de Carne Deshebrada (Oven Baked Tostadas with Shredded Beef)

Tostadas are very popular all around Mexico, you can top them with almost anything you want, from chicken to beef to seafood, literally anything, they are just like tacos but flat and hard.

Calabacitas a la Mexicana (Courgettes Mexican Style)

Wow! What a busy day I had today, running around here and there, so on a days like this one, this is the perfect recipe, healthy, quick, easy and delicious!

Sopa de Lentejas a la Mexicana (Mexican Style Lentil Soup)

Sopa de Lentejas a la Mexicana (Mexican Style Lentil Soup)

Oh my! It is raining in London again! Yeap! Again! I think the sunny days are going to be a thing from the past very soon.

Cochinita Pibil (Pork Pibil)

I know everybody has its own cochinita pibil recipe and everybody claims that theirs is the best! Well, I’m not going to say that mine is the best ever, but it is good! We have done cochinita pibil this way in my family since forever, it […]