Cooking Comadres Mexico City Gorditas de Piloncillo

My cooking comadres club is growing!! This time I had my lovely friend Claudia who came to cook with me the simplest dish ever, we cooked gorditas with piloncillo (jaggery), she had been telling me for months that she wanted to cook these addictive little patties for me for ages, but for some reason every time we used to organised something, we had to cancel it.

But finally we managed to get together and do it. Claudia is a Mexican lovely lady that lives in London with her danish husband and son Oliver. We met by another friend we have in common and we became very good friends. She loves cooking and talking about food, so when we see eachother, we are always talking about Mexican food. She is originally from Mexico City and she had introduced me to many dishes from there, like the famous “Tlacoyos”!

It was so nice to cook with Claudia, I love all her stories about her mum, because, according to her, her mum is the best cook in her family and she makes excellent Mexican dishes.

So for this super easy recipe you will only need 4 ingredients! Yes, that is right! Only four ingredients: corn flour (maseca), piloncillo, water and rapeseed oil! Yes, I am afraid but they need to be fry, Claudia calls them “fritangas” because they are fried, but once in a whike is ok!

Makes around 10 small gorditas


  • 3 cups Maseca
  • 3 cups luke warm water approx
  • 2 cups piloncillo
  • 2 cups rapeseed oil


  1. Prepare the maseca. Mix water little by little with the maseca until is all combine and you get a dough, if you might not need all the water or you might need more, so be careful while adding it to the dried maseca flour, also remember we are adding the piloncillo syrup, so once you have add 2 cups of water, stop and leave it on the side to prepare the syrup.
  2. To make the syrup just add the piloncillo into a saucepan and put it over medium heat until it melts and becomes a syrup. Be careful as it is extremely hot. Once cool add it to the dough and mix very well. The dough has to be not to soft so you can work with it.
  3. Heat the oil in a frying pan. Make the gorditas. Make small ball and flatten them. Once the oil is very hot. Fy them in batches. It takes around 4 min on each side for each gordita to fry and be ready. Enjoy them with a nice cup of coffee.



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