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Deckman’s in El Mogor & its Scallops Salad with Tomato Heirloom 

My favourite dish Scallops with Heirloom tomatoes & grilled avocado

 This week I am writing about our amazing time in Baja California. As you all know by now, I was born in Ensenada and came to London 15 years ago, so we go there every summer and every summer we have lots of adventures.

This post is about the wonderful experience we had in Deckman’s en el Mogor a restaurant in Valle de Guadalupe. It is an open air restaurant where Chef Drew Deckman, together with an amazing team, cook delicious dishes with organic ingredients grow in the Mogor ranch.

The service was amazing, all the staff were very friendly and Chef Drew was happy to talk to us about his incredible project, passion for food and future plans. He told us that he is very impress with what is happening at the moment in Valle de Guadalupe and believe me! He is totally right, Valle de Guadalupe is a place that is blooming very fast, you will find excellent wineries, amazing restaurants and wonderful experiences.

El inglés and I tasted some of the delicious dishes that Chef Deckman and his team prepared for us. My favourite was the scallops with heirloom tomatoes and my husband’s favourite was the abalone, he had never tried abalone before, so he said it was utterly delicious. Then we have some of the amazing wine that El Mogor winery produce to accompany our meal. The open air surrounding was just the perfect spot for a very romantic lunch, looking at the Mogor vineyard.

If you ever have the opportunity to go to Valle de Guadalupe, Deckman’s en el Mogor is a place that you must visit!

Thank you Chef Drew and team for such a wonderful experience!


Chef Drew Deckman in its open air kitchen
The entrance to the restaurant remainded me to an enchanted place
You can see the kitchen straight away
A wonderful kitchen is the centre of the restaurant
It was amazing to see the team working
The table arrangment is amazing, you feel that you are in a farm
From the tables you can enjoy the beautiful view from the winery and its surroundings
My hors-d’œuvre
We had a Mogor Badan Cabernet Sauvignon
El inglés’s starter: Abalone

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