Evento de la Bota en Vinicola Decantos (La Bota Fest in Decantos Winery)

Have a ever told you about how much El inglés and I love the Valle de Guadalupe and its wineries? Well, let me tell you a bit about this amazing place and its amazing wineries, before I tell you about this incredible event called La Bota in Decantos.

Valle de Guadalupe is a little gem hidden away in the mountains of Baja California, the climate there is perfect for the production of wine, so therefore there are many excellent wineries and in recent years the boom to make artesanal wine has grown and you can find small family wineries that are making award winning wines and this is the case of Decantos, a family winery with a modern and unique concept of how to make wine.

Decantos is a winery that works by decantation or gravity, a project that was born about 7 years ago with the idea to eliminate the mechanical pumping and use only the natural gravity from the beginning of the process of receiving the grapes to the final bottling. To achieve their goal, the winery has facilities where they combine tradition and modernity, built in different levels.

The mastermind of this incredible and avant-garde project is Alonso Granados, who studied enology with a masters in experimental enology in Rioja University in Spain, his idea for his master degree became later the great project that now is a magnificent winery with 20 hectares of land to grow their vines.

El inglés and I love to visit this winery in particular, not only because of its excellent wine but because the great welcome that we always get from Alejandro Granados, another passionate about wine family member of this family winery.

We go there every summer while we are in Mexico and we both love their wine, Ford, one of the sommeliers at Decantos is the one who always tell us about their wine and to be honest, I am not a wine connoisseur neither el inglés, but Ford always explains things so easily that I can now now my Chardonnays from my Pinot Noirs!

Then the breath taking building where the Granados do their magic to transform grapes into unique wine, is just amazing, with views of all the valley and in the centre of the building there is an old tree trunk that has been converted into a table that gives the building a modern but at the same time rustic look.

Although they are a young winery, the wine they are producing is top of the charts with Chardonnay,  Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan, Tempranillo y Syrah.

But even though the winery hasn’t been open for long, they already started last year hosting a wine festival called La Bota (the boot), which was very popular among wine lovers and foodies. The event is called like that because the wine is serve in a Spanish leather wine bag.

The 2nd anniversary of La Bota event will be at 22nd July, 2017 at their famous winery Rancho San Miguel Fracción A, S/N, Ejido El Porvenir with a cost of $1650 MX Pesos

2nd Anniversary “Evento De La Bota” program:

Philharmonic orchestra of  Baja California + special guest (tribute to “The Beatles”)

It will include a Bota of wine (1 L nebbiolo)

And this year cooking for the event there will be  famous personalities among the Baja food movement

Javier Plascencia.- Erizo & Lupe

Drew Deckman.– Conchas de piedra 

Benito Molina & Solange.- Manzanilla

Roberto Alcocer.- Malva

Angelo Dal Bon.- Tre Galline

Sabina.- La Guerrerense

Omar Armas.- Mantou

And the best artesanal beer in Baja

Eugenio Romero.- Cervecería Wendlant

If you want to know more about this event visit their website www.decantosvinicola.com 

So I hope that you like my experience at Decantos, a place that you must visit while you are in El Valle de Guadalupe. And that is all from me, now I am going to start sulking as I can not go this year to La Bota which is a big shame!

But if you go, do let me know how it was! xx

(All the pictures in this post were provided by Decantos Vinícola)

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