Lets Cook Mexican

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£85 per person or £135 per couple*

Learn how to make a Mexican feast for your family or that important dinner party with friends. The class includes how to make a Mexican starter, main course and dessert or drink. You can either have the class in the comfort of your home* or you can come to my house.

How the class is organised:

  • First send me an email requiring a two hour class with dates and times you are able to have the class and describing what you would like to learn (if you want to learn how to make an specific dish or a meat, chicken or fish dish, or maybe you just want to learn to make some salsas or you have a special dinner party and you want to surprise your guests)
  • Then I will replay to you with suggestions. I have different types of menus depending on the requirements of every client.
  • After you have decided what you want we talk on the phone and we agree on a day and time.
  • I will bring some speciality ingredients that are difficult to find and the proper equipment to prepare the dishes.
  • Only the Mexican ingredients that are difficult to find are included, the rest have to be purchase by the client.

*Note: you can have the class in the comfort of your home if you live in a 2 miles radius of me. If you live further it will be £15 more on top of the class price for travel and time.

Please Check your Course and fill the form to buy:

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