Lets Cook Mexican


In Mexico we have lots of nice and delicious egg ideas, perfect for those lazy weekend or days when you have plenty of time to cook a nice and cosy breeky!

Huevos Ahogados (Drowned Eggs)

Huevos Ahogados (Drowned Eggs)

Breakfasts in Mexico are wonderful. We love sitting at the table and enjoy our fresh made eggs, done in different ways, eating tortillas, drinking coffee and finish with a delicious Pan Dulce!

Tostada de Frijol con Huevo (Beans & Egg Tostada)

Tostada de Frijol con Huevo (Beans & Egg Tostada)

Have you find yourself in the morning trying to cook something yummy for breakfast but your brain still in sleep mode that you can’t think out straight? Well, that happens to me a lot, so for those type of mornings I have this delicious brekky. […]

Chilaquiles Rojos (Red Chilaquiles)

If I ask you what is your favourite Mexican breakfast, I am almost sure that you will say chilaquiles and to be honest with you, I do not blame you! Chilaquiles are everybody’s favourite. Crispy tortilla chips cover in a spicy salsa, fresh cheese, sour […]

Huevos Rancheros (Ranch Style Eggs)

This morning I fancied something cosy to eat, the weather in London is a bit chilly, my son Emilio and I are at home just chilling out, so I decided to cook a classic Mexican recipe known by almost everybody “Huevos Rancheros”, they look fancy […]

Bistec Ranchero (Ranch Style Bistec)

Today I decided to cook my dad’s favourite breakfast because I am celebrating that my Instagram account had reached 2000 followers, so that means a lot to me. There are two thousand people follow me in this Mexican food adventure, so that for me is […]

Nopales con Huevo (Cactus with Scrambled Eggs)

  I have so many nice food memories of my childhood while living in Mexico. One of them is my dad bringing a big bag of cactus and he would sit outside to take the prickly bit off, then patiently he would chopped them one […]

Huevos con Chorizo (Scrambled Eggs with Chorizo)

This is a very simple recipe for a quick and yummy Mexican breakfast. My dad used to make this delicious Huevos con chorizo that I loved, he was an excellent cook.

Huevos con Jamón (Eggs with Ham)

Breakfast at our house is the most important meal of the day, specially on the weekends, because we have the time to sit around the table and enjoy the lovely things I cook!

Huevos a la Mexicana (Mexican Style Scrambled Eggs)

Huevos a la Mexicana (Mexican Style Scrambled Eggs)

In Mexico is very common to have eggs for breakfast and we have many ways to cook eggs. Huevos a la Mexicana is one of those dishes that everyone knows how to cook and it is me feel back at home in Mexico.