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Pollo / Chicken

Pollo al Horno en Mantequilla de Chile Ancho (Ancho Chilli Buttered Corn Fed Poussins)

Pollo al Horno en Mantequilla de Chile Ancho (Ancho Chilli Buttered Corn Fed Poussins)

Sundays wouldn’t be Sundays without a nice, cosy and homely meal and these corn fed poussins are just perfect. Poussins are small chickens and I prefer to cook with them as they are ready in less time than a normal size chicken.

Pollo Marinado en Chile Ancho (Chicken Marinated in Ancho Chilli)

Hola lovely people! Yes, I know, What a lovely surprise this is! I haven’t post anything for a while, but I have been doing so many things, that I hardly had time to write. Anyway, I hope you are all ok and you are starting […]

Enchiladas Rojas (Red Enchiladas)

Enchiladas Rojas are so popular in Mexico that you will find them in any Mexican restaurant, this is the type of dish that you could use to describe Mexican food: comforting, vibrant in colour, healthy, delicious, simple and use of chillies. In my family we […]

Tamales de Pollo en Salsa Verde (Chicken in Green Salsa Tamales)

 ¡Hola! I have been away from posting recipes for a while, but today is a special day in Mexico, it is Día de la Candelaría, which is a catholic celebration and if you read my post about King’s Day when we do in Mexico Rosca […]

Sopa de Pollo con Papas (Chicken with Potatoes Soup) 

Today El inglés, aka the hubby, is at home, so I am cooking a nice cosy lunch for him, this is my mum’s easy and quick recipe for chicken and potatoe soup.

Caldo Tlalpeño (Tlalpeño Style Broth)

This broth is a mexican broth with lots of history behind, the Caldo Tlalpeño, comes from the city of Tlalpan in Veracruz, Mexico, long time ago, there was this dictator in Mexico call Antonio López de Santa Anna, who, one day after a very long […]

Nopalitos con Pollo en Chile Colorado (Cactus with Chicken in a Red California Chili Sauce)

This is a very special dish for me, first because it is El inglés favourite dish and second because it used to be my dad the one who used to cook it for him. Nowadays the person in my family that cooks it to perfection […]

Tacos Dorados de Pollo con Salsa de Jitomate (Chicken Fried Tacos with Tomato Salsa)

In México there is a dilemma about how is a tortilla filled with something, rolled and fried is call, some people call them “flautas” (flutes) others call them “tacos dorados” (fried tacos). I believe the name comes depending on how you make them, for me […]

Tostadas de Tinga de Pollo (Chicken Tinga Tostadas)

The first time I tried this dish it wasn’t in Mexico, it was here in London at a friend’s house, there I was queuing again and again to get some more tinga tacos and since then I love the dish.