Cooking Comadres

cropped-IMG_4047.jpgThe meaning of “comadre” is a Godmother of one’s child, but in Mexico we also use this word to refer to a very good friend. So in this section I invite friends to come and cook with me in my kitchen.

So if you are passionate about food or a Mexican dish that you know how to cook very well or you have a recipe that would like to share with the world and want to be part of the “Cooking Comadres Club” feel free to contact me on and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible and we can arrange a session, all the recipes that we will cook together as part of the Cooking Comadres theme will be post in this section.

What happens in the cooking session:

  • We meet first to talk about food and the recipes you want to share with us.
  • We organise a suitable time and day for both to cook.
  • We cook together in my kitchen and then I will write an article about you, the experience and the recipes.


*Note: if you want to learn how to cook authentic Mexican food there is a cost depending on the type of class, go to classes and workshops section for the full list of prices.