Breakfast & Supper Clubs


Come and experience the taste of a real Mexican breakfast at my house!

Breakfast in Mexico is, I think, the most important dish of the day, so important that there is a whole complexity behind preparing a proper Mexican brekky, you have to have in mind that we only have this type of breakfast when we have time, because a proper Mexican breakfast includes:

  • Coffee
  • Fresh fruit
  • Fresh orange juice
  • A main dish which includes: eggs, beans, tortillas, salsa, fresh cheese.
  • And to finish off a nice piece of Pan Dulce (Sweet bread)

So if you like the sounds of all this and want to have a nice time, come and join us in my next Breakfast Club. Price per person is £17 and usually is on a Thursday at 10 am.

  • Next Breakfast Club Dates To be confirm