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Guisado de Carne Deshebrada (Shredded Meat Stew)

Guisado de Carne Deshebrada (Shredded Meat Stew)

This weekend is going to be a special day in Mexico, on February 2nd we celebrate “El Día de la Candelaría), it is a tradition to make tamales, so my mum and I are getting ready to make a tamaliza!!

Salsa de Chile Puya (Puya Chilli Salsa)

Puya is a chilli similar to guajillo, but a bit more spicy. I would say that is a combination of guajillo and arbol chilli, in fact, a lot people get confused between these two, as Puya looks very similar to arbol chilli, but Puya is […]

Puerco en Salsa Verde (Pork in Green Sauce)

  Things always tastes better with a salsa and this is the case of pork shoulder! I bought pork shoulder in chunks and cook it in this amazing tomatillo salsa.

Salsa Tatemada de Chile de Árbol (Toasted Arbol Chilli Salsa)

Every home in Mexico have a fresh made salsa in the fridge, my home wasn’t the exception, my dad used to make this salsa all the time, it is tasty and if you are one of those brave persons to handle spiciness very well, this […]