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Guisado de Carne Deshebrada (Shredded Meat Stew)

Guisado de Carne Deshebrada (Shredded Meat Stew)

This weekend is going to be a special day in Mexico, on February 2nd we celebrate “El Día de la Candelaría), it is a tradition to make tamales, so my mum and I are getting ready to make a tamaliza!!

Tamales de Pollo en Salsa Verde (Chicken in Green Salsa Tamales)

 ¡Hola! I have been away from posting recipes for a while, but today is a special day in Mexico, it is Día de la Candelaría, which is a catholic celebration and if you read my post about King’s Day when we do in Mexico Rosca […]

Tamales de Res Estilo Sinaloa (Beef Sinaloa Style Tamales)

I think everybody in the world has a family recipe, a recipe that it is very special, a recipe that nobody else does or knows and this is the case of my tamale recipe. It belongs to my mum’s family and it has been with […]