Lets Cook Mexican

Tortilla Workshops

If you would like to learn the art of making perfect Mexican corn tortillas come to one of my Tortilla workshops.

There will be workshops for Adults and Adult & Child. They include the tortilla masterclass, all the ingredients, equipment, a little goodie bag with a sample of flour & the tortillas you make, apron use and some sample dishes to taste the tortillas you made.

What we would do

I will talk about the different types of corn we have in Mexico and the process of Nixtamalization (the process that corn goes through to make tortillas)

I will make my own masa (dough) so you can see how it is done, then I will show you how to make the tortillas.

Then it will be your turn. You will make yellow corn tortillas, blue corn tortillas and two corn tortillas. In total you will make around 15 tortillas.

You will also learn lots of tips and techniques of making beautiful and delicious tortillas to make perfect tacos.

After we finish making the tortillas we will taste your tortillas with some Mexican sample dishes that Caldera Restaurant will cook for you!

New Dates Coming soon!

Email me to to book your place and to pay!