Lets Cook Mexican

Month: August 2015

Sopa de Flor de Calabaza (Courgette Flower Soup) 

 When I was a child, I grew up eating literally everything! My parents used to hate wasting food, so whatever they used to cook we had to eat it and we used to eat lots of weird stuff like liver, kidneys, pigs trotters, moronga (clotted […]

Quesadillas de Flor de Calabaza (Courgette Flower Quesadillas)

As you probably know by now, one of my favourite ingredients are courgette flowers, I love them, they remind me so much to Mexico, just like beans, corn and nopales.

Enfrijoladas (Black Beans Enfrijolada)

At my home in London I always cooked Mexican breakfast in the weekends, I love to do it because my children and my husband love to eat Mexican food, I tent to cook everything from scratched, but sometimes when I don’t have a lot of […]

Licuado de Nopal (Cactus Smoothie)

In Mexico we eat cactus as we eat beans, that means we eat them a lot! Cactus have been one of the main vegetables that a Mexican family eat or at least that is what we do in my family, we tent to have cooked […]

Nopalitos con Pollo en Chile Colorado (Cactus with Chicken in a Red California Chili Sauce)

This is a very special dish for me, first because it is El inglés favourite dish and second because it used to be my dad the one who used to cook it for him. Nowadays the person in my family that cooks it to perfection […]