Sopes de Carne Deshebrada Estilo Sinaloa (Sinaloa Style Shredded Beef Sopes)

 I’m sure we all have a dish that makes us feel at home and brings us many cosy memories and makes us feel nostalgic when you are miles away.

Well, for me, Sopes Estilo Sinaloa is that dish. Every time I smell those delicious Sopes aromas, makes me think about my mummy. For me, she is the woman that makes the best Sopes in the whole wide world, because when she cooks them, she always makes them with love, even though they take a while to make!  Continue reading “Sopes de Carne Deshebrada Estilo Sinaloa (Sinaloa Style Shredded Beef Sopes)”

Sopa de Papa (Potato Soup)

In my family we have some dishes that we call emergency dishes, dishes that my parents used to cook when they didn’t have time or money and this is the case of this soup as the ingredients are very basic and cheap, but the result is a soup pack with tons of nice flavour. Feel free to add more ingredients if you want t make it even nicer, but in this occasion I will tell you the way my dad used to make it. Continue reading “Sopa de Papa (Potato Soup)”

Salsa de Molcajete (Molcajete Salsa)

The Molcajete is one of the most iconic Mexican kitchen utensils of all times. It has been used for thousands of years since the Aztecs and Mayans. It is the Mexican version of pestle  and mortar. It is used mainly to make salsas, but people give it different uses. It is such an icon in the Mexican kitchens because it gives food a unique flavour. Continue reading “Salsa de Molcajete (Molcajete Salsa)”

Salpicón Mexicano de Res (Mexican Beef Salpicon)

I have been craving Salpicón since I was in México, it is my second favourite dish after my mum’s sopes, so today I thought that even though I am still jetlag, I was going to make it, so I went to get the meat at my local organic butcher, Grahams, who sells amazing meats, I came back home, got myself into the kitchen and didn’t stop until was done. Continue reading “Salpicón Mexicano de Res (Mexican Beef Salpicon)”