Molletes (Mexican Beans on Toast)

I have to confess that it hasn’t been long since I discover this recipe, it was because of my good friend Claudia that I heard about Molletes, according to her, they are very popular in Mexico City and when I made the recipe I found out why.Literally Molletes are the Mexican version of the famous English dish “beans on toast”, the ingredients are almost the same: beans, bread, melted cheese, but the Molletes have also some Mexican salsa on top and are traditionally made with “birote” or “bolillo”, both Mexican breads, similar to the French baguette.

For my recipe I decided to use sourdough bread and I cooked my salsa, adding an arbol chilli to it and I topped up my mollete with a little bit of English feta cheese and fresh coriander and traditionally molletes are eaten witout the egg but I love eggs, so I had mine with a fried egg

Here is the quick recipe for this delicious Mexican antojito that can be eaten at any time during the day. Enjoy!

Serves 4

Prep 15 min

Cook 10 min


  • 4 slices of sourdough bread
  • Pico de gallo or Salsa Mexicana or cooked salsa.
  • 50 gr mozarella cheese or any type of melted cheese or in this case, feta cheese
  • Refried beans


  1. Prepare the refried beans and Pico de gallo.
  2. Slice the bread and toast it.
  3. Place some beans on top of the bread, then top it with cheese and put it under the grill to get the cheese melt.
  4. After the cheese has melted add some Pico de gallo.


  • You can add more jalapeños to the Pico de gallo to make it more spicy or you can avoid the jalapeños and have some spicy salsa instead.



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