Lets Cook Mexican

Month: May 2016

Margarita de Fresa y Lima con Sal de Hoja Santa (Strawberry & Lime Margarita with Hoja Santa Salt Rimmed)

Today is Friday, so let’s celebrate that is the beggining of the weekend with this so refreshing frozen Margarita! 

Hígado Encebollado en Chipotle (Liver in Onions and Chipotle)

Today I felt very nostalgic, I thought about my family in Mexico all day, my dad in special, sometimes, there are days that I just miss my lovely family, my times in Mexico, but I can’t complain, I am very happy here in London where […]

Sopes de Picadillo (Mince Meat Picadillo Sopes)

Does it ever happened to you that you had a busy day and you can’t be bother to cook? Well, it happened to me today and I was wondering what to cook without compromising freshness and healthiness, so I remember this quick recipe that I […]

Pollo Marinado en Chile Ancho (Chicken Marinated in Ancho Chilli)

Hola lovely people! Yes, I know, What a lovely surprise this is! I haven’t post anything for a while, but I have been doing so many things, that I hardly had time to write. Anyway, I hope you are all ok and you are starting […]