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Tostadas de Ensalada de Nopal (Cactus Salad Tostadas)

Tostadas de Ensalada de Nopal (Cactus Salad Tostadas)

There are two ways to make this salad, the first one is to buy fresh cactus and cook them yourself, that would be the best option as the cactus would be more crunchy and fresh, but if you, like me, live in a country where there is no cactus at all then buy the cactus in a jar, I know they won’t taste the same, but it would be ok. I usually remove all the onions and chillies that they come with, then I wash them very well several times and sometimes I even leave them for half an hour to soak in clean water and the taste of vinegar goes away. Try to do these tricks and hope for the best.

Anyway, I will give you the recipe for both options, fresh cactus and cactus in a jar.


For the cactus salad

  • 300 gr fresh cactus or cactus from a jar
  • 2 large finely chopped tomatoes
  • 1 large finely chopped onion
  • 100 gr finely chopped coriander
  • Feta cheese or queso fresco
  • Salt to taste
  • Pinch oregano

To make the tostadas

  • 10 Corn tortillas
  • Refried beans
  • Perfectly riped avocado


  1. If you are using fresh cactus, chopped them into little cubes, put them in a casserole dish with a small garlic, half an onion and cover them with water, cook them at medium heat for aroun 30 min or when the cactus have change to a pale green colour, there is no need to add salt, as you add the salt later.
  2. If you are using cactus from a jar, drain them very well, remove all the onions and chillies and wash them through very well, then chopped them into little cubes.
  3. Then add all the chopped vegetables, fetta cheese, add salt and a pinch of oregano.
  4. Leave it in the fridge for 15 min to rest so all the ingredients mix nicely.
  5. Then spread some refried bean on to a tostada, top it up with the cactus salad and finish it off with some slices of avocado. So easy, but so tasty.


  • I used cactus in a jar from “La Costeña” and I found them quite nice, you can get them from


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