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Trio de Salsas (Three Salsas)

Trio de Salsas (Three Salsas)

I am having some friends for dinner, we are having tacos and I made three types of salsas for them to nibble with some tortilla chips and also to add to their food.

Salsa Verde (Green Tomatillo Sauce)

There are some Mexican recipes that I categorised as important and this is one of them, it is the base for many Mexican recipes and it is so versatile that you could use it in many different ways, as a spicy salsa for your tacos […]

Salsa Tatemada de Chile de Árbol (Toasted Arbol Chilli Salsa)

Every home in Mexico have a fresh made salsa in the fridge, my home wasn’t the exception, my dad used to make this salsa all the time, it is tasty and if you are one of those brave persons to handle spiciness very well, this […]