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Tacos Vegetarianos (Vegetarian Tacos)

Tacos Vegetarianos (Vegetarian Tacos)

Such a nice weather in London, it seems that spring is almost here and that makes me so excited, I love spring because London is beautiful during this season, lots of flowers everywhere, lots of sunshine and also it means that summer is almost here!

Carne en su Jugo (Beef in its own Juices)

Carne en su Jugo (Beef in its own Juices)

Good morning lovely people! Today’s recipe is a classic dish from Jalisco, Carne en su Jugo and if you translate it into English, it means, beef in its own juices, but here is the thing, the meat is not really cook in its own juices, […]

Frijoles Puercos (Piggy Beans)

 Every time I cook this dish, it always takes me back to my childhood, to my grandma’s house. My mum is from Culiacan, Sinaloa, so a lot of the recipes we cook at home are Sinaloa style. The recipe is a very comforting dish, not […]

Sopa de Frijol Negro (Black Bean Soup)

Today was Cooking-beans-Monday at home. I love doing this every time I run out of the beans I store in the freezer. I usually tend to cook lots, so I always have a some sort of beans supply ready for any Mexican recipe. Today I […]