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Huevos Ahogados (Drowned Eggs)

Huevos Ahogados (Drowned Eggs)

Breakfasts in Mexico are wonderful. We love sitting at the table and enjoy our fresh made eggs, done in different ways, eating tortillas, drinking coffee and finish with a delicious Pan Dulce!

Rajas con Huevos (Poblano Strips with Eggs)

Rajas con Huevos (Poblano Strips with Eggs)

There is no better way to start a day than having a nice, quick and healthy breakfast and this recipe ticks all those boxes! With no time to spare in the mornings the last thing I want to be doing is a complicate breakfast, so […]

Chilaquiles Rojos (Red Chilaquiles)

If I ask you what is your favourite Mexican breakfast, I am almost sure that you will say chilaquiles and to be honest with you, I do not blame you! Chilaquiles are everybody’s favourite. Crispy tortilla chips cover in a spicy salsa, fresh cheese, sour […]

Huevos con Chorizo (Scrambled Eggs with Chorizo)

This is a very simple recipe for a quick and yummy Mexican breakfast. My dad used to make this delicious Huevos con chorizo that I loved, he was an excellent cook.